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Individual Counselling

Often the focus is on depression, anxiety, anger and lack of confidence

One on one session usually includes an explanation and demonstration about how our childhood beliefs were created. How these beliefs get reinforced and how they impact our current thinking, feeling, and behavior.

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Relationship Counselling

Communication and conflict resolution are the underlying issues in many relationships

In premarital or post marital counselling often the issue is: How can I join with someone and still be free to be me? How can I stop judging and criticizing my partner, or live with their condemnation? How do we disagree without needing to be right?

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Family Counselling

Forgiving past hurt and choosing independant thinking can be difficult in the context of family

This is a lot about living in the present, not allowing past perceptions and memories to taint current relationships. Adapting relationships within a family where the children and now adults, and the adults are now grandparents. Each family member learns to become aware of their responsibility to the connection of the whole.

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Group Counselling

Groups are productive in the shared feelings of anger, grief and loss, stress, addictions and parenting

Probably the most effective and affordable, where clients are encouraged to identify and express their feelings. Offers the support and experience of others who are struggling with the same concerns. An opportunity to share our ego fears, and to practice a new way of being in a safe and accepting atmosphere.

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My vision for your “NEW” choices

We will all, inevitably, at some point in our lives experience situations and emotions that we cannot make sense of. We may experience a whole host of feelings, which may include feeling lost, alone and confused, depressed and anxious, stressed, angry and frustrated or even fearful and terrified.

Not knowing what to do or how to respond to such emotions and situations often makes us feel helpless and stuck.

How can we make sense of something we cannot understand?

How can we move forward when we have lost any sense of purpose and meaning?

Counselling and Psychotherapy, often described as ‘talking therapies’, aim to assist people in times of such distress.

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Why Counselling?

All healing begins with the practice of cultivating love and acceptance of yourself, in order to do this we must remove all barriers to unconditional appreciation of who we really are.
My work often involves helping with the process of looking at these barriers (anger, fear, shame and guilt) and finding a way to see and interpret them in a new light.

Sometimes these negative feelings are not in our adult awareness and must be gently brought to the surface. This is often done by bypassing the conscious mind. Very effective methods of bypassing that analytical, critical part of our mind in order to access our subconscious mind are methods of therapeutic breathwork.